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       Linda Martinson is an award-winning photographer and mixed media artist from Atlanta, now living in Western North Carolina.  She photographs, paints and prints intimate wildlife, nature, portrait, action and landscape images and also creates abstract mixed media painting.  She has won awards in several competitions including: Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Charleston Center for Photography, Audubon Atlanta and National Geography Online Gallery.  Her images have appeared in shows including a one-artist show FACETS: Through My Eyes (2008); Kaleidoscope, A Gathering of Artists (2009);  Art By the Usual Suspects (2010); and at the Atlanta Library (2009 and 2010.)  Both Zoo Atlanta and Emory University have selected Linda's images for use on their websites.  Linda has studied photography and art at Santa Fe Workshops, Alain Briot Workshops, Showcase Photography, and Emory University, and privately with photographers George DeWolfe and Charles Needle and with artist Kaye Powell.  
        Dr. Martinson holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Stanford University; M.A. and B.A. degrees from The Ohio State University; and a Certified Treasury Management designation from the Association for Financial Professionals.  Her professional experience before she retired in 2007 includes assistant professor at University of South Carolina; senior analyst in generation planning at Georgia Power Company; principal research scientist and vice president for planning, budget and finance and Chief Financial Officer at Georgia Tech; and headmaster and president of The Galloway School.
       Linda has been active in several associations including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in which she was a senior member, the first female chairman of the Atlanta Section, and a winner of the Millennium Award (awarded to only 300 international members in 2000.) She gave the keynote address to the IEEE Atlanta Chapter annual meeting in 2009.  Dr. Martinson was selected to serve for several months on a White House advisory committee advising President Clinton's administration on the cost structure for federal grants and contracts.  She has served on several boards including National Association of College and Business Officers (executive committee); Council on Government Relations (officer); Georgia Tech Theater of the Arts; College Women's Basketball Final Four Committee; Junior Achievement of Georgia; and Brevard College Board of Trustees (chairman of finance committee and executive committee.)


     My life story in six words: lost my son, found my daughter.  I am an artist now because my son was an artist then, before he died.  My daughter supports me with her strong spirit and amazing capability.   She has been my inspiration since we adopted her when she was eight.   Also, I spent 12 years as the head of a school that pulsed with energy and commitment and fearless talent and creativity.  This constant pounding of no-holds-barred reality gradually shook me awake creatively and, when I retired, I became a full-time photographer and photo-based mixed media artist.
         My photography and art are sparked by curiosity; creative expression and growth; and the revolutionary technical opportunities and challenges of digital photography and art.   I try to answer the question, "What's happening here and now?" by capturing a moment, an aura, a presence, an action, an interaction, a place, a puzzle, a story -- with clarity, at least a glimmer of it, within two-dimensional constraints.  What is in, what is not?  Everything is always exactly as it is and I try to represent this exactness and is-ness and to express beauty, action and being from several angles.
       Photography is an enduring passion and one that I shared with my son years ago and that I share with my daughter now.  My son owned and operated a letterpress art and design studio.  He was excited about the early software developed for digital image creation and he was part of the revolutionary technological changes in letterpress printing.  When I finally woke up creatively, advanced digital photography,  image manipulation software and inkjet printing were right there.  
        It has always been compelling to control and to explore the closed loop between image capture and a print using a wide scope of artistic media.  Now, creating a final image and print with mixed media, including acrylics, seems much more central and challenging and much of my recent work is better described as photo-based mixed media art than as photography.   



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